Modern Masters 2015 Preview: A Brand New Card!

Posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2015 by LSK
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We’re proud to reveal what we’re pretty sure is actually a new card.

That’s right, a brand new card for Modern Masters 2015!

We found this preview card in our inbox, and we don’t know where it came from. What? It’s a reprint? Look,¬†our memories aren’t that great. It’s not bad, though! It kills a guy! That’s incredible! Here’s a few other things we figured out about this card:

– It’s Modern legal!

– This kills a guy. That’s a good thing, usually.

– If it doesn’t kill a guy, it’s still not bad.

– You need at least one Swamp, unless you’re killing a Phantasmal Bear with it.

– Combo with Spread the Sickness.

– It’s an Aura, which ties right into the set’s WB Aura subtheme!

– It’s got “Quag” in its name, which ties right into this set’s “Quag” subtheme.

– It even kills indestructible creatures! You can’t indestructible a minus.

– It’s fuel for Magmaw.

– It’s a bomb in Limited.

– Not a literal bomb, just a really good card.

– Foil copies will cost 1 less mana, which is sure to drive the price to insane levels.

– It’s never a dead card, because only creatures can die.

– Combo with Swamp.

– Sorcery speed.

– It goes right into your Enchantress deck in Legacy!

– Played in the winning deck of GP Prague (2013).

– The exact sickness the creature gets depends on your other lands. For instance, if you control a Blood Crypt, the creature dies of internal bleeding.

– Similarly, if you control three or more Mouth of Ronom, the creature develops halitosis.

– If you play this card, it takes up a slot in your deck.

– It will always kill your Nightmare, so it’s good for young children who are still afraid of the dark.

– But it can’t kill an Angry Mob, except on your turn.

– Combo with Godless Shrine.

– Watch out for Spreading Seas, because it makes this card worse.

– If it doesn’t have any targets, that means you’re winning!

With all of these great things about Quag Sickness, who could possibly say anything bad about about this amazing card?