Content Submissions

To submit cards or articles, you will first need to be registered on the forums at Remember to make a single “junk” post in the Bot Trap to access the rest of the forum.

What is Officially Acknowledged Content (“OAC”)?

OACs are submissions that made it past the initial, moderated vetting process. If content you submit is sloppy, incomplete, grossly offensive (as determined by the staff), or just inarguably unfunny and uninteresting, it will not be officially acknowledged.

How do I submit funny cards?

To submit a card image, simply post a new thread containing the card image in the Magic Cards Humor and Other Gaming Humor subforum. You can host the card image at any free image host.

For help making cards, visit our chat room. We’ll hook you up with what you need.

How do I submit articles?

To submit an article, format it as HTML (or, if you don’t know HTML, the raw text is fine) and send it to paz as a private message. If you have questions or extra proposals for your submission, just PM paz and ask about it.

To get card images in your article, use the square-bracket markup [card]Lightning Bolt[/card], which will show up as Lightning Bolt.

If you have images you want to show up in the article, host them at a free image host such as flickr or photobucket. We will copy the image from there to the GoodGamery server.