The Downtime Diaries

April 15th, 2008
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by Dr. Magic Cards ('Chop by Changeling_Bob)

Day 1 without MODO: Looks like v3 is up for review today, just in time for them to pause the countdown again. Worth is “highly confidant” that “[they’ve] got their ducks in a row,” whatever that means. It’s a good thing this process has some oversight: without their bosses there to talk them off the ledge, they might have actually released this “work in progress” to their paying customers.


Team Fortress 2: Badlands, First Impressions Review

February 20th, 2008
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by Changeling_Bob

So Badlands is the new official map for TF2, by Steam. I’ve not played it yet, so I thought I’d do a little review type thing. The information available on the internets claims Badlands is a control point map, similar to Granary. Great. Granary sucks.


MaRo Reveals Only Two Cards in Article

January 7th, 2008
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by Changling_Bob

How quaint.