Transguild Courier

Posted on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 by slearch
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Shadowmoor Preview!

by Mark Rosewater

Hello and welcome to Shadowmoor preview week! As you may have seen by our teaser Shadowmoor booster, this time around we’re doing some pretty cool things with hybrid mana – pretty cool things in a pretty cool/big way. But as you will see with today’s preview card, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

As I’ve pointed out in my past articles, I’m all about elegance. Elegance and simplicity. Nothing sends me into a fit of small man rage harder than a card with a line of text that doesn’t need to be there. With that in mind, we have reworked an old favorite and made it much simpler with our friend hybrid mana. Take a look:

Transguild Courier! Yes, one of the best “build around me and lose” cards from Dissension is back for another go-around in Shadowmoor. Players have always found colorless mana symbols confusing, so introducing the symbol was a no-brainer that also took away the Courier’s only line of text. Simplicity!

I know the question on your mind: will the Courier’s partner in crime Might of the Nephilim be coming back? Are you an idiot?

Until the next time, may you never run out of ideas.