And Now for the Other Crap II

Posted on Monday, April 21st, 2008 by The Jester
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So as an attempt to create more content for the hallowed front page at GG, I have decided for this submissions theme as an attempt to further clean up my reputation at being such a belligerent asshole/troll to so many people(1).

Ah yes, my first account at Misetings(2), Darigaaz (3). Today still most people still refer to me as this, even in real life. It’s kind of odd really, considering it was really the first forum I have ever posted at on a regular basis. It’s funny; it was like I had my own little claim to fame in a small community. Like troll stardom. In meeting people at tourneys, upon conversations(4) they discovered that I posted at MT, and when I announced my nickname(3), it was like “OMFG, YOU’RE DAR??(3)(5)


Its funny how people are shocked I act nothing like “Dar(3)” during live conversations(6), sure there is the typical stupid humor etc. But really, the “beats” are not there(7).

Sadly it became more habitual to treat everyone like shit(8) on the forums, and when I tried changing my posting style/changed my nickname; I never really fit in(9). So I wound up just going back to Misetings(2) something I was comfortable in doing.

So, I would like to take this moment(10) to let everyone know, that I am not like this in the “real world(11)“, and that I would like to apologize to any of you that I may have really upset or offended(12), it I may have been misconstrued as intentional, I really did not mean a word(11).

Take care and be well (1)(10)(11)(11)(11)(11)(11),


1. I really don’t care. Just thought I would try to make you feel a little better.
2. Sucks. But I can’t let it go. It’s like my wife, old, beaten and abused, but has become somewhat useful for taking out my frustrations on.
3. Say my name. SAY MY NAAAAAAAAAME.
4. Forced conversation, as I had to sit across from the snot nose mouth breathing asshats anyways.
5. Yeah, I am, you wished for me to say Annorax? Christ.
6. When I have messenger on. This isn’t very often, because many of you are fucking annoying as hell.
7. It’s because I wind up pitying you, and figured I couldn’t possibly pound on you anymore as I feared you would kill yourself and then I would have my chat logs given to the police and held accountable for offing yourself. As I feel my argument of “useless sack of shit and a waste of breath” would hold up in a court of law, I couldn’t be hassled with flights and the time it would take away from playing World of Warcraft.
8. LOL, not really, I was just born an assohle
9. I never put much effort in, because I really didn’t care.

10. Trying to hurry this bullshit up, as I have to take a massive dump.
11. LOL
12. fuck you Psygno you fucking lemming.