PS Elves Yu: FNM Report

Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2008 by llarack
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The story of an FNM with B/G elves!

First a decklist:

This is going to be a significantly shorter report than my last one, and I apologize for this (but, what can you expect from a 3 hour tournament on Fridays?)

Round 1: Steven Gorrie (U/B Faeries)
This guy kind of plays slow in general, but is an OK player.

Game 1: He gets stuck on 3 mana, I get turn 2 perfect, turn 3 perfect, turn 4 Colossus, and the game ends veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy quickly!

Game 2: He mulligans to 6 on the play, misses his 4th land drop, so I don’t play stuff until I can deploy 2 threats per turn to play around counters.

Round 2: Yoel Iszak (G/B/W Doran)

I knew what he was playing beforehand, because we talk a decent amount online…;_;

Game 1: I keep the following opening hand which is slightly suspect: Forest, Forest, Pendelhaven, Llanowar*2, Boreal, Perfect. My first few topdecks are all black cards, then I finally draw a palace, when my hand is 2 profane commands.

I proceed to lose the the massive amount of faerie tokens being produced by bitterblossom.

Game 2: Turn 1: Palace, Llanowar. Turn 2: Treetop, play goyf. Turn 3: Play Goyf, thoughtseize his inversion, attack. Turn 4: Garruk, untap 2 lands, play vanquisher. The game ends pretty quickly after that.

Game 3: I get a fairly good draw, turn 1 llanowar, turn 2 vanquisher, but he gets a draw with turn 2 doran, turn 3 bitterblossom, turn 4 inversion. He eventually lets me overcommit into a damnation, where he can recover by attacking with 2 treetops and faerie tokens :[

Round 3: Chris Denault (Mono-red burn).

Game 1: I keep a kind of slow hand after mulliganing to 6, and get promptly destroyed by turn 1 suspend gargs, turn 2 marauders, turn 3 crusher, turn 4 burn my guy, turn 5 burn my guy.

Game 2: I side in the 3rd colossus, both primal commands, and the 3rd terror for 4 imperious perfect, and 1 wayfinder. My draw involves a turn 3 colossus, turn 4 primal command, finding another colossus, turn 5, kill his martyr of ashes and play another colossus. He loses pretty quickly to 8/8s after that.

Game 3: He mulligans to 5, and I play a colossus which does not die.

Kind of a short report, I know, so a bonus decklist!