Chandra Nalaar for Planeswalker

Posted on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 by Dr. Magic Cards
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For the past 8 turns, the Goldmane administration has been content to sit in office, gaining life for the special interests, while threat after threat came into play.

When he sent our troops into battle, Goldmane, who never served in the military, gave them only one +1/+1 counter. Every independent study showed that, for the safety of our troops, they needed at least three +1/+1 counters, and sure enough, many were double blocked and killed. They deserved better.

Ajani Vengeant represents a third term for the failed policies of the Goldmane administration. Vengeant claims that only he can keep the threat against us tapped down, but in fact, thanks to Goldmane, we’re now facing more problems than he can handle.

Chandra Nalaar has a proven record of taking on our opponents directly. When there’s a threat against us, she isn’t content to tap it down and wait for more problems to arrive before solving them. When Dread came into play, Nalaar dealt 6 damage to it, at great personal cost.

Nalaar promises to deal 10 damage to our opponent and its minions. Vengeant says that it’s too costly–that we can’t afford it. Nalaar asks, can we afford an Ajani Vengeant administration?

My name is Chandra Nalaar, and I approve this message.

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