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Posted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 by Basilisk, Good Gamery Correspondent
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(Dominia, south side)
I want to get rid of this jeweled amulet.

I thought it was going to be the next hot thing, but I kept forgetting which color of magic I was using to charge it up, and I got embarrassing mana burns all over my house.

Free if you can come pick it up.

(Alara, blue shard)
This 100% authentic sigil will make you look your most distinguished!

Bought it for 8 mana at the Mishra’s downtown, willing to part with it in exchange for one charge counter.

Serious offers only. This thing is legit! There are many other sigils out there, but only one is made by Mishra’s.

(Dominaria, Terisiare region)
I found this thing floating outside in the street last week. I can’t figure out what it’s for, but every time I try to figure it out, one of my spellbooks comes flying out of my shelf and hits me in the head.

Maybe it could be used to protect your house from attackers, but I have no enemies, so I don’t need it.

Willing to trade for something useful, like a spellbook or a pair of glasses.

(Mirrodin, Quicksilver Sea region)
Check this thing out. If you open it, these glowing wires shoot out and fix your nearby broken stuff. The wires run out though, which means it’s a good thing I have a lot of these to offer!

I’m trading them for any spare scrolls, styluses, or chairs you may have laying around (I need them for a golem I am building).

(Rath, Furnace)
Want to trade for this sled? It’s in perfect condition – bought it on an impulse and then never used it because I live on the inside of a volcano.

The seat is extra high, so you’ll be able to stay vigilant while you coast around effortlessly in the abundant snow, as long as you live in a region where no one is stoking the fires of apocalypse.

I’ll trade it for something worth 1 gold OBO.

(Mirrodin, Oxidda Chain region)
Anyone want this totem?

I’ll trade it for anything.

(Dominaria, Terisiare region)
For sale: Dog exercise ball.

Fun for a long game of fetch. I really need a sextant, so if you have one of those, I’ll trade you for it.

(Dominia, west side)
Does anyone know what this strange cube is supposed to be for? If you do, come pick it up for free. It keeps sprawing green spaghetti all over my laboratory.

If you need lots of free green spaghetti, I’ll sell this to you for 2 gold coins.

(Dominia, west side)
Super SLAMMER for sale!

If you have a Wizardling or small Archmage who plays Pogs, they will love this. It’s made from real iron, and has a cool design on it.

Trade me a spell (only real spells please) and it’s yours. Your Wizardling will be winning all the local Pog tournaments in no time!

(Dominia, central area)
Someone please take this cup. It refuses to stay standing, instead preferring to lift itself up and pour milk all over my table.

It’s free, just come and pick it up anytime.

FOR SALE: 1 coiled piece of spring steel, 1 cog, 1 microphone, and 1 ring (hand not included).

You have to take all of them at once because I don’t want the hassle of selling each by itself. So if you don’t want 1 coiled piece of spring steel, 1 cog, 1 microphone, and 1 ring (hand not included), then I am not interested in your offer.

who wants a twig

come and get it

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