Regionals Turbo Fog Players Regret Decision

Posted on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009 by paz
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Thousands of Magic: The Gathering players expressed feelings of disappointment and regret after choosing to play Turbo Fog at last Saturday’s Regional tournaments, only to fare poorly against those who knew how to play their decks.

“I had been playing Five Color Control for months, but when I saw that Japanese Turbo Fog list, I knew I had to play it,” said James Griffith of San Luis Obispo. “I wanted to play something unique and different at Regionals, so I decided to play Turbo Fog like everyone else.”

“Match 1 of Regionals was the first time I had played the deck,” said Ayden Jayden Payden of Green Bay. He admitted that his spontaneous switch to Turbo Fog may have been a mistake. “One opponent Banefired me for 8, and I played Holy Day in response, but the judge said that wouldn’t stop the damage even though the Banefire was, in a metaphorical sense, ‘attacking’ me.”

Griffith’s 12-year-old brother Randy played red and did relatively well at Regionals. “I would attack, and my opponent would fog. But I would keep attacking and eventually they’d run out of fogs,” he said, shrugging.

Griffith agreed and said that it was the lack of a perpetual fog that cost him vital matches. “If only there was a fog that worked turn after turn!” he shouted.

“Make their life zero and then they can’t attack you anymore,” Randy responded, shrugging a lot. “It’s the best fog in the format.”