Announcing: Jace Week

Posted on Saturday, December 19th, 2009 by Basilisk & slearch
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It’s Jace Week here at Good Gamery. In celebration of the new collector’s set, titled “From the Vault: Jace”, we will be giving you sneak previews of cards every day.

Sometimes we will show you these new Jace cards one at a time, and sometimes it will be two at a time. Today we will start with two of our favorites from Good Gamery R&D.

About Jace

About Jace has showed that even one copy of a sufficiently powerful loyalty-increasing card can warp formats when combined with powerful card-drawing Planeswalkers. Multicolored joke decks were among the best decks in Standard and Extended for a long time. One of the reasons they were so strong is that if an aggressive creature deck got ahead of them, all they had to do to catch up was find their single About Jace with one of their myriad card filtering effects. This meant that any creature deck had a massively uphill battle to fight against this tireless champion of an instant, and this had an oppressive effect on the format. Good players simply played joke decks rather than expose themselves to getting About Jaced out of games.

Battlejace Angel

Battlejace Angel is a tribal creature card designed with hammer of “Tribal Matters” striking against the anvil of “Creatures”. It’s a big creature, and the best creature, which hardly seems fair to me. We like the card anyhow, because we like sending big Wizards into the red zone. (This card is a Wizard.)

Battlejace Angel has been printed for the first time as a Wizard Angel. Here it is with new art, which is also a new thing we added to this card. It also features new collector’s numbers and a never-before-seen copyright date.

We’ll tell you more about this exciting new collection at the end of Jace Week, but until then, enjoy the sneak previews every day this week, only at Good Gamery!