A Valentine’s Deck

Posted on Friday, February 12th, 2010 by the #goodgamery crew
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1x Martyr of Bones (St. Valentine)

1x Aven Archer (Cupid)

1x Eager Cadet (Our Hero)

1x Serra Angel (Hey baby, what are you doing tonight?)

4x Kitchen Finks (Let’s have a romantic dinner)

2x Candles of Leng (A candle light dinner)

4x Bitterblossom (With beautiful floweOH SHIT THEY STING)

1x Story Circle (Then we can watch a chick flick)

4x Heartstabber Mosquito (See, I am not emotionally available right now…)

1x Unlikely Alliance (but we can, you know, be friends)

1x Abandon Hope (Well shit…)

1x Heartmender (Sorry I broke your heart!)

1x Stir the Pride (What? i don’t even care, skank)

1x Cruel Edict (This is why you are single, loser)

1x Cruel Edict (Why did you think I’d date you, in the first place?)

1x Cruel Edict (Go home and sleeve your Angel collection)

4x Distress (Aw man)

1x Death Wish (My life sucks)

4x Razor Barrier (I’ll just cut myself again)

1x Execute (Screw you, Cupid)

1x Sorrow’s Path + 23 other lands.