Wizard’s School Bans Students From Wearing Basilisk Collars

Posted on Friday, February 26th, 2010 by Basilisk
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‘Staple Of Student Fashion’ Prohibited; Violators Suspended

Tolarian Academy

The Wizard’s School

Pendrell Vale, TOLARIA — The Basilisk Collar, a fashion staple of student libraries, has landed on a lists of prohibited equipment in several Tolarian schools.

Some schools have restricted or even banned the unusual collars, citing safety concerns.

They say that it’s easy for things like sticks and wands to become snagged in the collars, causing disruptions in their school work. School officials also note that bulky jewelry like basilisk collars increase the risk of a student accidentally tipping over a flask of acid, or cracking the fragile casing on a potion of unmaking. What’s more, adept scofflaws can use the collars to kill at a touch, or to gain life by striking other students.

Basilisk Collar

A Dangerous Fashion Statement

At the Tolarian Academy in the Eastern Domain’s isle of Tolaria, wizard student Ertai was told on the first day of school that his basilisk collar was not allowed. He left it in his energy chamber, he told The Press of the Central Planes for Friday’s editions.

Fads in equipment “designed to attract attention to the individual or to disrupt the orderly conduct of the classroom or campus is not permitted,” the policy states.

In its Codex, the district states its rules are in place because “students who dress and groom themselves neatly, and in an acceptable and appropriate manner, are more likely to become constructive wizards of the society in which we live.”

Hapless Researcher

Wizards Engage in Risky Behavior

Several violators have already been punished for wearing the controversial collars, which some researchers claim is an indicator for risk-taking behavior.

“I got my basilisk collar as a present from my father, but when I showed up to class I was exiled with 5 time counters”, explained Jhoira of the Ghitu, a student whose suspension ended during a recent turn. “They removed one time counter at the beginning of each upkeep”, she added.

Bans on fashion articles are not new to Dominaria. In 2004, a type of headwear known as a Skullclamp became popular, drawing concern from school officials. It was eventually banned after a series of first-year students were each placed in the graveyard as a state-based effect after wearing one of the artifacts.

Academy Researchers

Wizard Collars: Are They All Dangerous?