“Greaves” Begins Interplanar Tour

Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 by JSexton
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This article is a Summer of Emilevin’ contest entry. This 6 week contest gives out both weekly prizes and final prizes of booster packs! You are invited to participate and compete by making some awesome and/or hilarious content of your own! Click on the Summer of Emilevin’ banner above for more information.


From the touring company that brought you Phantom Monster of the Opera, The Musician Man, and Angelic Chorus Line, we are proud to present the classic hit musical Greaves!

Greaves follows two lovers from wildly different backgrounds: Ajani Zuko of the Phoenixes, and Chandra Dee of the Pink Angels. Chandra falls for Ajani while visiting from another plane, but can he accept her for who she is, or will she change for him? Spoiler alert: Entwine!

Sing along with the songs you know by heart, like the signature hit Emilevin’ (“Emilevin’, happened so fast…”). Other hit songs include Wizard School Dropout, Hopelessly Gaining Loyalty Counters For You, Look at Me I’m Chandra Dee, and the one I know you’re thinking of — Barbed Lightning!

Get your tickets now for these upcoming performances:

And finally a 8-day series over the course of 24 hours on Teferi’s Isle.