Elspeth Photograph Controversy

Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 by Crunchums
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BANT – Alara’s feminists are outraged at Planeswalker Magazine for magically touching up a cover shot of Elspeth in its latest issue.

“It’s just ridiculous,” said one Village Elder. “Everyone knows Elspeth has a mole on her face but they think they can just Alter Reality without anyone noticing.”

An unaltered image of Elspeth, taken while she was out on a date with her boyfriend, Tezzeret.

This isn’t the first time Planeswalker has been scorned for “touching up” an image. Longtime readers remember when the magazine hired Tomoya the Revealer for a peek through Nissa Revane’s shirt. More recently, Fortune Thief excoriated the magazine for giving her new proportions, though she refused to say whether they were mythic or epic.

“All of this focus on looking perfect sends a terrible message to Alara’s young women,” says Jhessian Lookout, a cultural watchdog. “The pressure on them is so intense, it’s no wonder anorexia rates are the highest they’ve ever been. Women are more than just objects to be tapped and untapped but more and more of them are Goblin War Painting their Faces of the Past profile pictures to make themselves skinnier.”

The cover is reproduced below; does it go too far?