Further Ggameria Introductions!

Posted on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 by Good Gamery
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A couple weeks ago, you were introduced to the brand new plane of Ggameria, upon which the new set Events Upon Ggameria (GG1) will take place. You were promised 15 beautiful tribes at which to gaze and to revere, but were only given the 5 monocolor tribes.

Ever since then, you have been checking Good Gamery every day, hoping and praying for the advent of the second GG1 preview article.

The aforementioned advent? Upon us, bro!

Today we’ll be talking about Ggameria’s ALLIED COLOR PAIR TRIBES. Behold.

The first is the sentient plants (), with fungi included out of pity. What if every blade of grass, every tree, every weed, and every mushroom had desires, wishes, goals and dreams? An earth-shattering notion, is it not? That’s Ggameria; every revelation is more mindblowing than the last. The sentient plants are not too keen on attacking others, but enjoy helping out in other ways. Better get a decapitation permit before mowing the lawn.

Click here to see the sentient plant preview card.

Then come the Skychickens (). While secretly unable to fly of their own volition, they have done everything in their power to convince the other factions that they can. Their capital city floats among the clouds of Ggameria, hovering all about, depositing armor-clad crusaders wherever the king decides is lacking in justice. So while they’re not very good at flying, they’re pros at temporarily flying.

Click here to see the Skychicken preview card.

Cowabunga, dudes! The landsharks () are comin’ at ya, full-force and full-throttle. These extreme fish are after only three things: Radicality, tubularity, and gnarliness. To obtain them, the landsharks live life on the edge, whether it’s raging in the mosh pits or defying death with extreme sports and stunts. Needless to say, this is very intimidating to others. I’ll even bet you just wet your pants just now, you little baby! Hah, that’s what I thought.

Click here to see the landshark preview card.

Next up are the dryad giantesses (). Combining the serenity of the forest with the raw size and power of the mountains, these ladies are ready to assert themselves. Being dryads, most have Forestwalk, and being giantesses, most are very large. How did they get so big, you ask? Oh, there’s an explanation, but I’m afraid it’s one of the numerous mysteries of Ggameria, waiting to be unlocked!

Click here to see the dryad giantess card.

Finally, we have the Chipmuko (), a united tribe of barbarian chipmunks. We were first introduced to the Chipmuko in Alternate Universe Mirrodin. But from where did the Chipmuko truly originate? Regardless, the Chipmuko on Ggameria have been corrupted over time, giving up the purity of redness alone and embracing the darker arts. Living in mountain burrows, they are perpetually at war with another Ggamerian faction, who also lives in mountain burrows, generating tension. The Chipmuko enjoy being a Goblin-like sligh faction and triggering abilities upon entering the battlefield.

Click here to see the Chipmuko card.

Hope you enjoyed this second Events Upon Ggameria preview article. Next will be the ENEMY COLOR PAIR TRIBES!