Stop the Flagbearer Hate

Posted on Tuesday, May 17th, 2011 by Alaina Jahd, Standard Bearer
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An icy black void slices through an honor guard, leaving nothing alive in its wake.
The fearsome dragon flying above is not harmed. A humble man made of brass proudly
carries the banner of the Coalition. He is blasted into scrap by a jolt of red mana,
utterly destroyed, leaving an angry masticore to dominate the battlefield. A tiny
changeling, just learning to fly, suddenly disappears without a trace, never to be
seen again. The Eldrazi titan in its wake continues on its path of annihilation,
unmoved and implacable.

These three seemingly-disparate acts of magical violence have one common thread:
They were perpetrated by planeswalkers, against flagbearers. And these are not isolated incidents.
Everywhere I go in the multiverse, the story is the same: senseless violence targeted at my comrades.
I have seen planeswalkers consumed by hordes of slavering monsters while frantically flinging their
spells at innocent flagbearers. They would rather die a horrible death than suffer one of us to live.
All for the simple “crime” of carrying a flag. It happens every day, and we turn a blind eye to the
plight of the fallen, relieved that their destruction was not our own.

Why do we tolerate this? I say enough is enough. And I ask all creatures of the multiverse to stand
with me, with us, here and now. For when we are gone, who knows where next the blade of doom will fall?
If your commanding planeswalker commits a violent act against a flagbearer, solely for the crime of
carrying said flag, throw down your weapons! Show them that the flagbearers’ plight goes unnoticed no
more! Show them that we will no longer sit idly by and watch them commit atrocities! Show them that
your lives, and their own, should be more highly valued than a flagbearer’s destruction! We must unite,
and then, and only then, will they learn to smite someone who deserves it for once! Together, we can
make the multiverse a better place for all.

Editor’s Note: Ms. Jahd’s point is underscored by the fact that, mere hours after submitting
this letter, she herself was struck and killed by a meteor that had somehow torn a hole in the very
fabric of space and time itself just to reach her. Her untimely death has already caused some
planeswalkers to reconsider their anti-flagbearer stances. We hope more will follow.