Chinese Counterfeits Force US Treasury to Revise Bills

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2014 by xerent
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The recent stream of extremely well forged dollar bills flooding all markets has forced the United States Treasury to take action. On January 16th, a new bill design was presented to representatives of the press.

“All dollar bills have been given a copyright notice that really stands out to the viewer,” a spokesperson stated. “The darn Chinese counterfeiters won’t be able to miss it!”

You’ll also notice a little silver oval in the bottom center of the portrait of old Franklin. That’s a new unique holofoil stamp that the US Treasury will be applying to all rare and mythic rare bills going forward.

“This stamp makes those bills feel more special, as well as guarantees authenticity,” the spokesperson said. “Certainly the Chinese can’t create holographic stickers and insert them into cardboard.”


measures to the bills does not come without new costs, however. To finance the increasing costs for printing these bills with added security measures, printing operations have been outsourced to a large company in the Tianjin province (天津市), China.