Modern Masters 2015 Preview: Everything is Fuel

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2015 by Jaji
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I have come all the way from Zendikar to share news of a Modern Masters 2015 preview that will be sure to excite Magic fans. My preview card is none other than the indomitable…

Magmaw! The keystone of the universe itself! Countless sages have pondered the purpose of existence, and the answer is almost comically trivial: All shall be fuel for the Magmaw.

Allow me to impart a cursory list of entities particularly well suited for consumption:

Hellkite Tyrant – No longer need you submit to the absurd demand for twenty artifacts from this overbearing leech! For only one colorless mana, you can “reward” his avarice by feeding him to the Magmaw.

Utvara Hellkite – A superb generator of vast quantities of fuel for the Magmaw. The Magmaw must feed!

Mogg Fanatic – For a single mana, this creature can, too, feed the Magmaw and be channeled into a deadly, flaming jet of magma to assail passersby.

Meddling Mage – How inferior, these abilities! For surely, the utility of such passive manipulation pales in comparison to that of the precise destruction of the Magmaw.

But you need not stop at these – everything is fuel for the Magmaw!

Goblin Legionnaire? Goblins know nothing of the might and prowess of the Magmaw! This creature is naught but fuel!

Not fuel

Not fuel



Goblin Bombardment? Mere fuel for the Magmaw!

Mindslaver? Fuel for the Magmaw!

Memnarch? Fuel for the Magmaw!

The Mirari itself? Fuel for the Magmaw!

Everything is fuel for the Magmaw!

Mutavault? Nope!

I have prepared a Modern-legal deck for you that lets you fuel Magmaw with a wide variety of tools of destruction. Use Metallic Mastery and Mark of Mutiny to feed the beast with your opponent’s pathetic toys. The Magmaw hungers!

My tidings thus imparted, I bid thee farewell, gentle reader. For the Magmaw hungers, and I am but fuel.