A Look At The Metagame

Posted on Monday, June 1st, 2015 chifley
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Hey constructed aficionados, Chip Stringer here with the weekly metagame snapshot, where take a look at four decks in the current meta that have caught our eye.

The week we’ll be looking at Legacy decks, as per our schedule – and keep in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive metagame breakdown, just a little slice of what’s being registered at the moment.

First up is Burn – a pretty consistent part of the Legacy metagame, this single-minded deck always shows up in tournaments. Not much has changed with this deck, but it’s rapidly becoming the deck to beat. I really wanted to highlight this deck to remind you all to get your copies of Price of Progress before they climb any higher.


Next up is UR Delver. Only one change since we last we last looked at Delver, but it’s an incredibly interesting addition: Tasigur, the Golden Fang! Obviously this means a serious overhaul of the manabase is necessary, but it’s such a powerful splash that can really help win the grindy match-ups against decks which have been well designed to deal with the standard suite of Delver threats.


The third deck I’d like to look at this week is Landstill. A veteran deck that’s come in and out of vogue for over a decade, Landstill is once again well positioned in the legacy metagame. Control decks are on the rise once again, a match-up where the deck’s namesake Landstill really shines. At the same time, Wastelands are seeing a definitely decline in play, meaning that playing Landstill is a much safer proposition than it was a month ago. Definitely worth a shot.


Lastly I’d like to take a look at one of the most unusual decks in the Legacy metagame, Lands. Lands, named for the number of land-related spells that it plays, has always been at the fringes of the legacy metagame since they days of Type 1.5. While there isn’t anything about this exact decklist that caught my eye, I recently broke it out of the mothballs and piloted it to a 4-0 result in a daily event and figured that would be a great excuse to share this deck with those of you who’ve never seen it before. Playing Lands is so far removed from your normal game of Magic that it’s almost a different game entirely. Just look at this intricate machine:

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week. See again next week when we take our scheduled look at the Vintage metagame – I’ll drop a little hint to whet your appetite: Goblin Charbelcher!

-Chip Stringer