Get Ready For Epic Packs!

Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 kektek
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Wizards of the Coast is announcing a new feature which will debut with Magic: Origins. Get ready for Epic Packs!

While previously nothing could top the thrill of opening a highly collectible Premium Mythic Rare, Magic players will now have a small chance of finding an EVEN MORE valuable item in their pack, sometimes even from outside the game of Magic!

Check out what this lucky player received:


That’s right, instead of the usual rare, it’s a genuine United States one hundred-dollar bill. Imagine the jealousy at your favorite game store when you open THIS Epic Pack at an FNM draft!

And it’s not just cash you’ll find in this ultra-premium product. Epic Packs can contain a wide variety of unexpected wonders!

Take a look at the contents of this Epic Pack.


It’s not cash, but it’s definitely not a Magic card. What could it be?


A frequent customer punch card from a Long Island car wash! And the first punch is ALREADY complete! Someone’s well on their way to a shiny vehicle.

But we’ve saved the best for last. What’s this strange-looking pack?


If you’re thinking it can’t just be cards, you’re right:


You just opened a 2015 Honda CR-V!

A short FAQ:

Q: How will new Epic Packs affect limited formats?

A: Limited was, of course, one of the primary reasons for the new Epic Pack. Research shows that players love challenging decisions during draft, and now players will have to make the most challenging decision of all: Should I take this Doom Blade that fits nicely in my blue/black control deck, or should I take this original print from Spanish artist Francisco Goya? We’re excited to see these decisions play out at your local game store as well as the top Pro Tour tables!

Q: Doesn’t this basically make opening packs gambling? Is that even legal?

A: Yes, and probably!

Q: For oddly-shaped Epic Packs like the Honda Pack above, won’t they be easy to pick out of a booster box?

A: Yes, some Epic Packs will have distinctive shapes. To be sure no one else will be able to get their hands on an Epic Pack before you, we encourage players to buy their cards in sealed booster box or booster case quantities. Also, don’t be so sure an oddly-shaped pack is always a good thing: some Epic Packs are Epic Traps! Your friend might beat you to a bulky-looking pack, but imagine the laughs when he discovers what’s inside: a bundle of razor blades!

Q: Will Epic Packs change the MSRP of Magic products?

A: Yes. The new standard MSRP of a Booster Pack starting with Magic: Origins will be $24.99.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the future of Epic Packs. Be sure to preorder with your local game store today!