GoodGamery Exclusive BFZ Prevew: Brutal Expulsion

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 kingcobweb
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Hoo boy, we here at Good Gamery LLC are h*ck of excited to have an Extremely Exclusive, Real Preview that was given to us, and no one else, these statements have all been true!

Without further a-doo, let’s see wh-


Haha, okay, real funny. If we could just close the tab for MTGSalvation’s Kustom Kard Kreation and get serious here?

*receives whisper from offstage*

Oh well that’s not good.

Okay. Okay. Deep breaths. Let’s try to be charitable for a second.

Eldrazi are ALIEN INVADERS! Their spooky alien tech makes no sense to us hoo-mans. Therefore, the designs of their cards are purposefully nonsensical.

It is a callback to one of the most beloved sets of all time, Apocalypse. You see, much as Yawgmoth is not Gerrard’s Hannah, neither is a gigantic tentacle monster.

Each choice on the card represents a different theme of Battle for Zendikar: the Eldrazi care when things are exiled, and no one cares about good design.

Good Gamery LLC apologizes for that last remark. We really appreciate this preview card that was so kindly given to us (totally was, by the way).

Brutal Expulsion, the name, is a reference to the new R&D intern Jeff’s metal band. The design of Brutal Expulsion is a reference to his complete inability to create a Magic card.

Okay that one was really mean. We again apologize, and acknowledge that our last apology wasn’t completely sincere. While we, as a website that has definitely been given this exclusive preview card, given to us by Wizards of the Coast, the real one, don’t want to say anything nasty about it, it is possible that hypothetical equally nasty things might be passively said about this card (not by us).

So! Thankfully, we also have exclusive access to the archives of The Great Designer Search 2. Did you know that Brutal Expulsion was originally a submission to that contest? That fact was only a little bit just made up on the spot!

Let’s take a look at the original response:

“Well, this one has some issues, to put it mildly. First of all, why is ‘Devoid’ on this card? Mechanics, when present on a card (especially a rare) must have a reason to exist. I understand that colorlessness is a theme of your set, but if that’s the case, then the colorless-centric design needs to be present on this card as well. To continue: “choose one or both” is certainly a templating that should be used more, and it’s good that you identified its potential. However, there’s nothing you’re really doing with it here. What connection does bouncing a creature, or returning a spell, have with two damage to a creature or planeswalker? Why does your card allow the same thing to be targeted twice, but actively discourages the player from doing this? The halves of your card have nothing to do with one another. It doesn’t feel rare, it doesn’t feel big, and it certainly doesn’t feel colorless. If you’re designing a four-mana multicolored card with a new mechanic, it had better do all those things effectively. Yours does none.

And no one liked playing against Jilt in the first place.”

Wow! Sure is good that someone else said that, and not us!