Ah, Shit, I Still Have a Column

Posted on Friday, January 11th, 2019 by Mark Rosewater
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Hello and welcome to a column I completely forgot to write. I have a great preview card, I think, if this is a preview week. This week, I will be checking with my editor to find out if this is a preview week.

Right now, it is Friday at noon, and I always take a half day on Friday, and I just found out that this isn’t a preview week. Fuck, fuck, fuck. I usually have those fake conversations, right? Do you still like that? Readers always liked those, I think.

Me: I forgot to write a column.

Editor: Mark, come on. We talked about this.

Me: I know, I know, I know. Look, can we just skip this week?

Editor: It’s started to feel like this happens every week. Look, Mark, I have a job to do too, okay? Just give me something.

Me: Can I still talk about how I always reference Roseanne?

Editor: you haven’t made an actual Roseanne reference in nine years.

Me: and you’re sure this isn’t a preview week.

Editor: the Weekly Standard never treated me like this.

Okay. The new set just came out, so I’m just writing columns about that until I start preview cards for the next set. Remember the Ixalan weeks? Oh my god, I thought those would never end.

Here’s an image of a card.

Here’s text after a card, which makes the article seem longer.

A design story: first, I’m going to ask my editor if I already told this design story in my article about the card from the last time we printed it.
It seems I did tell that story.

As long-time readers of mine know, a favorite story of mine to tell, is this one, about this card.

[Rephrasing of previous story TK]

Many people ask, “Mark, you love the color pie. How is making mana in black and red’s color pie?”

The answer is that long ago, we decided that black and red could produce mana, if that mana came from a land that produced black and red, and only one at a time, unless it produces more than one at a time.

Some trivia about the card: it was originally from Dissension.

Next week, we start preview weeks for the next Ravnica set.

Until then, Ravnica is a plane of contrasts.