Don’t Shoot Me, I’m The Illusion

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 by Fake Jace
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So you have a single flaming arrow. And there’s two Jaces here. But you know there’s only one real Jace. The other must be an illusion. Shoot the real one and you deal with us both. Shoot the mirror image and you might escape, but your brain won’t. So it’s pretty high stakes. Good thing I, the fake illusionary Jace, am here to help.

Let me go over the details here. It’s pretty obvious if you think about it. I’m not wearing a hoodie, and my hand is glowing pretty bad. Do you think those are fashion mistakes the real Jace would make? He’s clearly made me an imperfect clone. He’s wearing his signature hoodie. That’s the Jace we all know and love. I mean, you don’t love him. You’re trying to kill him.

Why am I trying to help you? See, over the course of the last three minutes, I’ve developed a real understanding of the stakes here. And it’s given me time to appreciate that the life of an archer is worth saving. You bring value to the world, y’know? You’re not just all death and destruction, you have a family to feed. Is that something the real Jace would say? Do you think the real Jace values archers? He can’t even cast a spell that summons an arrow. The only spell he can cast that has anything to do with arrows involves borrowing them.

And besides, I’m clearly an illusion. Look, if I try to touch you, I’ll pass right through.

Oh, you’re not letting me get close. Smart move, sucker. But you should keep your eyes on the other guy. He hasn’t even said a word yet. He’s probably looking into your memories right now, trying to find something he can exploit. You know, I’m a pretty smart illusion. I went to university. And if you don’t shoot Jace soon, he’s probably going to make you forget your memory of Ulrik, your dear beloved brother, who I met in an art class. Yes, the same Ulrik whose paintings you proudly hang on your wall. Oh, that’s something he told me. It’s not something I got – or something Jace got – from reading your mind.

So now maybe you think I’m bluffing, and I’m the real Jace. So let me assure you, it is a bluff. It’s actually a double bluff. Or is it a triple bluff? Would Jace be straight and honest with you? Or would he try to trick you? Ooh, it’s really getting tricky now. But it doesn’t have to be. Just shoot the other guy. You’re gonna do it? Great!

Okay, it turns out he was an illusion. My bad. So now that you’re unarmed, let me just… hang on, what’s that – is that a second flaming arrow? Illusion! I’m an illusion! Hello! C’mon, Rexdar! I’m an illusion! Fake Jace!

Man, this just isn’t fake Jace’s day.