Shadowmoor Preview Month Contest

Posted on Saturday, March 29th, 2008 by Good Gamery
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The Aurora has plunged Lorwyn into eternal night, transforming the once-idyllic plane into the eerie world of Shadowmoor. The gloom has transformed its denizens, too — creatures of fable have become monsters from dark fairytales. Races and characters introduced in Lorwyn are back, but with twisted allegiances and new powers.

Shut up! We’ve got no time for such nonsense, “Wizards of the Coast”. That’s because this is Shadowmoor Preview Month, and it would be inappropriate for us here at Good Gamery to let such a thing pass by without acknowledging it with an AMAZING HUMOROUS CONTENT SUBMISSION CONTEST.

I literally hear you asking, “How will this contest work?” Every piece of Officially Acknowledged Content you create during April counts toward your standing in the contest, as long as one of those pieces of content is a Shadowmoor-related humor article. When April ends, everyone will vote for which person deserves to win the contest based on the quantity and/or quality of his or her submissions over the course of the month. One fantastic article could win it. A dozen “pretty funny” items could win it. Even non-funny content, like tournament reports and strategy articles, can contribute to your victory. It’s up to the plebes!

The person who wins first place in the vote wins an entire box of Shadowmoor booster packs. Second place wins 18 Shadowmoor booster packs. Third place wins 9 Shadowmoor booster packs. Fourth place wins 3 Shadowmoor booster packs. These prizes have been donated by the MT2 New Contest Crew — thanks guys!

So what are you waiting for? Your mommy to nag you? Shut up! We’ve got no time for such nonsense. Get that content created, because gobs of free Magic cards are at stake, jabroni!

(“How do I submit articles?”)