Shadowmoor Preview: Holy Shift, Batman!

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2008 by Skeletor
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Before I reveal today’s preview card, I want to talk a little bit about Time Spiral block, which was code named Reprint, Misprint, and Print. In Time Spiral, we introduced the brand new bold concept of Time Shifted cards: Cards we had printed before printed again with no change. This concept was well received, but just when players expected more of more of the same we threw a curveball in Planar Chaos with Plane Shifted cards: Cards we had printed before printed again with their color changed. As soon as players were beginning to recover from such a severe brainjob, Future Sight came along to blow their minds with Future Shifted cards: Cards we had never printed before which may or may not be printed again in the future without change.

If you thought that was a trip, well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. You’ve seen Time Shifted cards, you’ve seen Future Shifted cards, you’ve seen Planeshift cards and you’ve seen Plane Shifted cards, but have you seen just plain shifted cards?

The beauty of this design is that you can only play plain shifted cards in a deck with all plain shifted cards, meaning we can reprint broken cards without fear of players playing broken decks. For years we have been trying to build your decks for you, but you guys keep doing unforeseeable things that break our fragile game like putting Skullclamp in decks with 1-toughness creatures and playing Flametongue Kavu against decks with creatures. But now we really can build your deck for you, because there will only be enough plain shifted cards to build one deck. Good luck slipping one by us this time!