Eventide Prerelease Thread

Posted on Monday, July 14th, 2008 by avatarofdumb
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i played two flights today; the main, and a 2hg afterward. it was my first prerelease since ravnica and my first time playing magic offline since gp: sf 2007, so it was good to play real magic again.


my pool was pretty good, though i had to leave a crackleburr in the side without any good r or u to support it ;_; i ended up BW, with a bunch of solid men led by midnight banshee and divinity of pride as well as double desecrator hags for support (yes, i chained them often), some good removal, and an island for biting tether cause fuck yeah biting tether

R1: vs. matt

matt was a nice guy playing a rwg deck, but i'm not sure what his main colors or good cards were. whatever, it's a prerelease.
g1: he played some guys and i played some guys, and then i played a midnight banshee which wrathed his board in two turns and killed him.
g2: he got me pretty low, but i stabilized and then locked his board with midnight banshee and kulrath knight.


R2: vs. mike

mike was running rw. he was a worse player than matt.
g1: he didn't get lands and i rolled him.
g2: i mulled to 6 on the play, and he whittled my life away as i proceeded to not draw lands for several turns. he pantsed up a full-sized rw hatchling with the rw aura and gained a ton of life, but i was able to keep chumping by rotating my hags. despite the screw, i held out for a while and even stabilized for a bit. i was at 3, though, and he was able to kill my only flier and hit for the last point.
g3: i don't remember much about this game, except that i kicked his ass.


R3: vs. some guy

some guy was also playing bw. he was not particularly outgoing.
g1: he was a bit land-light early, and had to beseech the queen for a swamp on t4 while i beat his face in. then he proceeded to kill all my guys with his insane amount of removal, until i had a bunch of things that didn't matter and he had swans of bryn argoll ftw.
g2: like g1, but with him ahead the entire time. the cards just weren't in it for me; it's one of those games that comes once in a while where there's really nothing you can do =/


R4: vs. alex

alex was also playing rw. i don't know why people kept choosing this combination in sealed; it's bad guys + alright removal.
g1: he didn't get lands so i killed him with a t4 divinity of pride.
g2: he mulled on the play; i let him draw the extra card just because there's only so much bad luck a man can watch at a prerelease. he had a regular start and mine was slow, but i got the midnight banshee to stabilize.
g3: i wanted to play again, and offered not to count g1 as a game. he said sure, and i stomped him again.


6 packs, not awful. i hung around for a bit, then frantically searched for someone to 2hg with. at the last minute, i just asked loudly if anyone needed an extra head. the guy standing right next to me did, as it turned out, and he also went 3-1 in the first flight so i figured he'd be a decent partner.

the pool was solid again. we figured pretty quickly that there was a ton of good G and W, and we ended up with Gr and W. the W deck was some good {bw} hybrid synergy, some good removal, and a light from within that i only drew in the last match. its men were mostly passable, but there was a bit of chaff. the Gr deck had a bit of removal, a bunch of solid men, and a couple bombs in creakwood liege and howl of the night pack.

r1: it's hard enough for me to remember one name, fuck you

one deck was WUR (?!), the other was BG. i couldn't get a creature to stick, but my teammate, jason, played a bunch of guys and i spent most of my time playing the removal. the BG girl came out of the gate fast with a couple {wb} mimics and a lurebound scarecrow set for black, but ember gale wrathed her board happy.gifi had no idea what the WUR guy's strategy was, and BG was stuck on four lands for the longest time until jason dropped a woodfall primus and stuck her on three. big dudes ftw

after this game, we switched the decks up a little bit and added U to the W deck for guys who did not suck.

r2: a couple of assholes who should die because they get stupid combos at the worst time

one guy was RG, and the other was BW. we were hitting them pretty well for the first few turns, and had them below 20 with a double-mimic-fueled 12 point turn coming up. then they dropped a soul snuffers with flourishing defenses in play, killed half our dudes and got 9 tokens. then they played a kulrath knight and i shoved a knife in my eye


r3: some cool dudes who had as much fun not being serious about magic as we did

this match was awesome. one of them was bw, and the other was rw (???). we swung back and forth for awhile, but the board crystallized soon enough as we built up our forces. i went insane with a knacksaw clique that my teammate had kindly pantsed with presence of gond, and i can confidently say that the only thing more satisfying than putting a recumbent bliss on your opponent's best creature is putting your opponent's recumbent bliss on your opponent's best creature. we finally broke the stall by putting a gift of the deity on a green guy and luring all their blockers while a bunch of wolf tokens traipsed in for lethal.


r4: a couple average guys who made embarrassing play errors

one was mono-w, and the other was GB. they got some early pressure with the 2/2 G guy, but we stabilized in short order and i lived the dream of restless apparition + edge of the divinity + light from within. they got a creakwood liege that let them chump for god knows how long, but i built up a flying force and he howled for a night pack. ember gale on the head that had most of the creatures let us swing for lethal virtually unopposed, and that was game.


6 packs again; not bad. i guess i'll just use them at a FNM in japan or something.

obligatory +/- section:

midnight banshee and kulrath knight, for being best friends
the guys from r3 of 2hg, for joking around the entire time
jason (my teammate), for giving a ride to some guy he'd never met and helping me understand the finer points of leech bonder (it UNTAPS, hurrrrrr)
jason, for knowing when to draw howl of the night pack (always)

this prerelease, for taking $50 of my lazily-earned cash
anyone who destroyed me in a ridiculous blowout, for not considering my feelings ;_;
everyone else, for not posting anything yet