Echo Jacer & Treetop Jacers

Posted on Thursday, December 24th, 2009 by Basilisk
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Morph is a mechanic that turns any card into a Grey Ogre. When we designed it, we didn’t think we would ever make a card like this one. This version features new artwork with more Jaces than ever before featured on a single card (at least until Jaceful Antelope was printed).

“If a card is face down, that means it’s a 2/2 creature. That means you can attack with your library – this is how I win games of Magic: The Gathering.” – Mark Diehr

Our second card today touches on a theme that hasn’t been done before – Auras that enchant Planeswalkers. You can use Treetop Jacers to make old Planeswalkers new again, or to play tricks on the native non-flying tribes of some backwater plane that hasn’t invented flying birds yet.