Shards Contest Endgame

Posted on Thursday, October 9th, 2008 by Good Gamery
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Everyone’s been talking about the most important election the world has ever known. And now it’s here. It is your duty as a Good Gamery member to vote for the best contributor to the Shards of Good Gamery Preview Month Contest! Here’s how it went down:


To Mulligan or Not to Mulligan

GP Denver Report – Kithkin Yu

Dr. Magic Cards

Chandra Nalaar for Planeswalker


It’s Been a Shard Day’s Night

Jumping Through ‘Hoops’


Wizards Cuts Numerous Magic: The Gathering Tournaments


Dog Eats Magic: The Gathering Deck, Dies


Rogue Band of Planeswalkers Destroys Plane for Fun and Profit

‘Chop: Hell’s Angel

New Website Design a ‘Great Success’


‘Chop: Sarah Palin


Boy’s Suicide Possibly Caused by Game; Manufacturer Denies Responsibility

‘Chop: Blarbed Blightning


Mad Libs: Choosing a New Magic Set!

Some of the contributors didn’t necessarily qualify but I said, “eh, mise.” The time has come for VOTE #1. Vote for the four people you think should be in the top 4. You must be a registered and non-bot member of the forum to vote.

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