New M10 Combat System Exceptions

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 by ewie
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It is a well-known adage that the exceptions prove the rule. Magic 2010 will be making several new rules, so let us observe the practical effects of the new combat system. Combat will still work much like it used to:

  • – Except if you have a combat trick
  • – Except if its damage prevention
  • – Except if their creature has deathtouch
  • – Except if you have an Unsummon
  • – Except if their creature has shroud
  • – Except if you’re not double-blocking
  • – Except if you’re blocking with Marsh Flitter
  • – Except that card is rotating out
  • – Except if you play Extended
  • – Except Marsh Flitter is bad there
  • – Except there might be a good combo deck in the offing
  • – Except you probably won’t make it
  • – Except you’ll pilot it and win the Pro Tour
  • – Except… except it was all a dream
  • – Except there’s still a Wizard of Oz
  • – Except he was just a con man
  • – Except he was never convicted due to police misconduct
  • – Except that’s not how the law works here in Ravnica
  • – Except you live in the Azorius section where it does work that way
  • – Except for members of the Dimir guild
  • – Except there are no members of the Dimir guild
  • – Except everyone knows they’re everywhere
  • – Except they all just pretend to not notice
  • – Except for Wall of Denial