Pocket Jaces

Posted on Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 by slearch & Basilisk
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Is it a reasonable thing, I ask you, for a grown man to run about and hit a ball? Poker’s the only game fit for a grown man. Then, your hand is against every man’s, and every man’s is against yours. Teamwork? Who ever made a fortune by teamwork? There’s only one way to make a fortune, and that’s to down the fellow who’s up against you.” – W. Somerset Maugham

I hope that quote got you in the mood for poker, because we know for a fact that the entire Magic: the Gathering community secretly wishes it were a Poker community. We gave this powerful card to Poker legend Phil Hellmuth to evaluate:

“I actually been bringing Pocket Jaces to big tournaments for years – It’s the strongest hand in the field, and at least 15% better than Pocket Aces. It’s how I revolutionized Texas hold ’em. I’m not surprised you are reprinting it for this Magic game.” – Phil Hellmuth