Interview with a Planeswalker

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 by Good Gamery
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Dear Jace: Which do you prefer: having all players draw a card, or having target player draw a card? – dbuel, Internet Poster

Dear Internet Poster: It’s a lot less hassle to have each player draw a card than to limit it to a specific target. You don’t have to aim, or remember the name of the loser who summoned you or anything like that. It’s just a nice impersonal incantation that lets everybody have a good time with their cards. By the way, I’ve been at this card drawing business for a while, and “target player draws a card” is really just a euphemism for “You draw a card.” No one ever gives someone else that card, not even for Christmas. – Jace Beleren

Dear Jace: Hey, I’ve got 3 mana lying around, and 2 of it is blue. Do you mind coming over and helping me out for a minute? I could use a spell or two, and if you wouldn’t mind letting some goblins beat you up for a bit, that’d be swell.

Does tomorrow work for you? – JSexton, Internet Poster

Dear Internet Poster: That was the old me. My time spent with Nicol Bolas has really taught me to see myself for the immortal of unimaginable power I really am, and I’m going to start treating myself as such. No longer will I let myself be bossed around like a cheap whore by any loser who manages to scrape together 3 mana. No, from now on I’m going to hold out for what I deserve: losers with four mana. – Jace Beleren

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