‘Spawnsire of Ulamog’ Card Pieces

Posted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 by Good Gamery
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On Friday, we hosted a ROE spoiler hunt on Good Gamery to reveal the card “Spawnsire of Ulamog” in a fun and irritating way!

The card was broken up into pieces that each had some value on their own, so that each discovery would prompt some excitement and speculation.

SECTION A (the card’s given name)

This piece was hidden inside the introductory cut scene movie. If you let the movie idle and go do something else, you’d notice that 4 minutes after the “end,” PMO guy discovers another piece.

SECTION B (the card’s surname and mana cost)

This piece was inserted as an MTGcom Decoder item. The MTGcom Decoder is a way to quickly access key areas of MagicTheGathering.com without having to wade through the heavy graphical content.

You can always get to the decoder by hitting mtg.goodgamery.com, by clicking on the icon on the top, or by using the pop-up decoder built into the top of the forums.

SECTION C (the card’s type, first ability, and appendage)

This piece was provided immediately in the introductory cut scene movie.

SECTION D (the card’s face)

This 128×128 piece was the avatar of our (then) newest forum member, the Eldrazi Drone!

You can always get to the forum quickly through lol.goodgamery.com (and see the latest posts using latest.goodgamery.com).

SECTION E (the card’s rarity and arm)

This piece was found in the Good Gamery front page sidebar.

SECTION F (the card’s ability costs)

The introductory movie contained a clue — a 40 oz malt liquor bottle with the number “211” on it. What could “211” mean? Savvy readers quickly realized that this referred to Pro MTG Online comic #211, where the next piece was hidden!

You can always get to the latest PMO comic by visiting pmo.goodgamery.com or by clicking the icon in the upper-right of the page.

SECTION G (the card’s ability texts)

We have a lively game development scene here at Good Gamery, and one product of that scene is a game called Block Rogue. Block Rogue is a Sokoban-like adventure/puzzle game where each level is procedurally generated.

The goal of Block Rogue is to find the locations of 25 missing pages of the Book of Lore by making multiple passes through a vast dungeon. In the special ROE spoiler edition of Block Rogue (found in a link on the front page sidebar), a single pass through the dungeon granted the secret piece.

Block Rogue is currently in development for iPhone and iPad. Beware!

SECTION H (the card’s power/toughness)

You’ve long had the power to purchase up to 9 different Good Gamery pmoticon shirts. But only recently did our pmoticon shirt shop contain a secret card piece!

We hope you enjoyed our scavenger hunt spoiler, and that you’ll stick around for decades to come.