I Have Wings, Yet Cannot Fly

Posted on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 by KingRamz
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“I Have Wings, Yet Cannot Fly”

by Whippoorwill

I have wings, yet cannot fly;
No faerie or angel am I.
I live on through the hurricane;
Stand fearless ‘gainst the needle rain.

I have wings, yet cannot soar;
Your river boa is no more.
I cut through this insipid fog
Who needs a Bojuka Bog?

I have wings, yet cannot glide;
These en-Kor I will not abide.
Flinging damage ’round the field
Now their own Kor fates are sealed.

I have wings, yet cannot fly;
No dragon, sphinx or djinn am I.
Yet I wish I could reach the sky
When ground tremors, and I die.