A Lorwyn Public Service Announcement

Posted on Monday, July 19th, 2010 by Mobiusman
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This article is a Summer of Emilevin’ contest entry. This 6 week contest gives out both weekly prizes and final prizes of booster packs! You are invited to participate and compete by making some awesome and/or hilarious content of your own! Click on the Summer of Emilevin’ banner above for more information.

For years, Shapeshifter children who were displaced from their original homes — so-called ‘Crib Swap Babies’ — have suffered from an undeserved social stigma. They may look different to those around them, but given the proper love and care they can develop into fully-functional adults.

We want to bring people together today to end the discrimination and recognise the contributions that children from crib swap families have already made to society. We talked to legendary creature Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile about the difficulties she faced growing up.

“Yes, I was a crib swap baby,” she told us, her perfect Kinsbaile accent belying her origins. “It was tough at first; all the other Kithkin at school always teased me about how weird I looked, which I thought was unfair given that they had squashed faces.

“But when I hit puberty,” she said, “my body began to accept its Kithkin surroundings. Now the only things that set me apart are my sharp eye and my hideous dress sense.”

An Immaculate Magistrate, who preferred not to be named, also had a heart-warming story to tell.

“I was extremely lucky not to be killed at birth, really,” he said. “Elvish society is still a bit behind the times when it comes to matters of political correctness. But an old oak tree offered to take me in, and raised me like I was his own sapling. When I was fifteen, I became the handsome elf you see before you!”

The interviewee is now working as a fashion designer.

Whether it is to a Merfolk or Goblin family, whether raised by Faeries or Giants, crib swap babies can blossom into responsible and high-achieving adults with, if anything, a wider range of career options open to them than other people. Crib swap babies today can be found employed as Advisors, Allies, Archers, Artificers, Assassins, Assembly-Workers, Barbarians, Berserkers, Brushwaggs, Citizens, Clerics, Cowards, Deserters, Drones, Druids, Elders, Flagbearers, Knights, Mercenaries, Minions, Mongers, Monks, Mystics, Ninjas, Nomads, Pests, Pirates, Rebels, Riggers, Rogues, Samurai, Scouts, Shamans, Soldiers, Spellshapers, Survivors, Warriors, and, of course, Wizards.

We would also like to give special thanks to Mistform Ultimus, without whose support and funding this campaign would not have been possible.