Wizards to Introduce New Psychographic Profile

Posted on Friday, July 30th, 2010 by YeNguyen
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This article is a Summer of Emilevin’ contest entry. This 6 week contest gives out both weekly prizes and final prizes of booster packs! You are invited to participate and compete by making some awesome and/or hilarious content of your own! Click on the Summer of Emilevin’ banner above for more information.

(Good Gamery has miraculously acquired a leaked, yet-to-be-published MagicTheGathering.com announcement! Take a look!)

Let’s bring out the psychographic profiles for a bit. Quick! What’s the first card that comes to mind for the following?

1/1 creatures?

Good job! Let’s try something different…

Art by Chippy?

Maybe one more for good measure.

“(2): Choose one – Destroy target Aura attached to a land; or the next time target land would be destroyed this turn, remove all damage from it instead”?

  • Spike: …I don’t play EDH.
  • Johnny: Does it go infinite? No?
  • Timmy: AIN’T NO EMRAKULLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ???: Pyramids, obviously. At least someone still knows the classics.

Now, who’s our mystery man?

Introducing another choice for the non-psychonormative out there:


Bartholomew may or may not have been around forever, but he makes sure to act like he has been! He is the Magic equivalent of your senile grandfather with the stories about how things used to be, except instead of talking about the World War II, Bartholomew likes to discuss Legends print runs. We always try to make Magic a game for everyone, and so, for the month of August we have…

Exclusive Bartholomew promos!

Can you remember what they do?

“Magic used to be something between the guys down at the paper mill.”

“It’s been a long time since then. I miss my kids.”

“Get off my lawn.”