Point/Counterpoint: Magic Cards as an Investment

Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 by Vandermonde
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My Premium Jace, the Mind Sculptor Will Only Appreciate

by Stu Wexler

Sure, it may have come with an exorbitant price tag, but it is certain to pay handsome dividends both by its direct utility and as an investment. In all probability, it will remain ubiquitous throughout its tenure in standard due to its irreplaceable functionality and incomparable performance.

Moreover, Jace, the Mind Sculptor should gain comparable traction in the modified extended format. This universal applicability combined with its excessive artificial privation, and the degradation of existing supplies could drive its value even higher.


Nice Rainbow Wizard, Pussy

by Brock Templeton

Lemme see what you got there, dork! Some kind of sparkly princess sticker? Oh, my bad, it’s like a baseball card of a guy in a dress.

Maybe when you grow up, you can be like this drag queen magician you love so much.

Aw he wants it back. Wait, it’s worth how much? I bet you had to beg your mommy to get you one for weeks. You’d sure be in trouble if something happened to it.

Aw, is the little baby gonna cry? Cheer up, I’m not so good at division, but each piece should still be worth about 20 bucks, right?