Awww $#!%, it’s ON!

Posted on Friday, September 17th, 2010 by Ezuri's Brigade
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Ezuri's Brigade ‘Sup my grizzlies. Big ups to my boy copper myr. Copper myr’s my boy, got me out here back in turn three, big ups to my boy copper myr. And big ups to my boy memnite. Little duder rolls small, but he rolls. You know you respect that. That’s what respect is about. And big ups to my new homie, Origin Spellbomb.

Myr… memnite … spellbomb…

Awwwww, shit, it’s ON! It is ON, my mothafuckin’ grizzlies!! Papa and his pig gonna get a PIECE! Jace, what? Jace is a punk! Punk-ass bitch!

Oh, it’s so mothafuckin ON! Right, spellbomb?


Aw, damn.

My grizzlies, it is no longer on. It is my sad duty to inform you that the on-ness of the evening has been most definitely offed. Nobody is getting no piece of nothin. Sorry, piggies. Yeah, we’ll just let this ability resolve, and…

Awwwww, SHIT!! It is ON! My 1/1 myzzle tizzle crizzle, fresh on this battlefield, not a day too soon. Let’s ride deep! Mount up and swing me sideways, because shit is ON!

Bolt me? Oh, son, it is not you who bolt me. It is I who bolt you! Bolt you in your grill with pig grill, and pig grill don’t play!

And infantry veteran, you can’t stop me. You can only hope to contain me. And try containing my seven to the side of your mouth! BAM! Boarslap! Elf upside your face!

Hey, bro, copper myr, take that guy down! Man, these little steel soldiers are fucking fearless.


Oh shit.

Shit, guys.

Guys, it is not on. It’s no longer on.

It is very much no longer on… shit… shit…

Everything … I think this might be it … this might be it … might be it …

Hey guys,


Remember when it was on? That one time? When shit was… when shit was ON?

…. coughcough


That was fucking awesome.