Shocking Sighting at GP Gothenburg

Posted on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 by LiXinjian
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Big shock at GP Gothenburg, Sweden, when a woman who did not look like a beast was spotted amidst the crowd of uncouth men. How she got to be there remains unknown, however, but we believe she may have either walked, driven or taken a cab to the location. Regardless, the rather comely yet unidentified woman was apparently photographed by a Wizards of the Coast correspondent as she watched the final from behind would-later-be champion Kenny Öberg. In the minutes following the online publication of GP Gothenburg coverage and the accompanying picture, the internet erupted with violent manifestations against what many call “a blatant case of photoshopping” or “the biggest photographic hoax since the Loch Ness monster and Pamela Anderson’s face”.

In an effort to keep our esteemed readership informed, we at Good Gamery have finally decided to present the controversial photograph, and let each of our dear readers make their own mind about the matter.

Also in the photo (from left to right): too-cool-to-care redhead dude; perp staring straight at you; guy with a crazy look eyeballing the lone woman like he’s fresh out of jail after serving a eight-year sentence; mysterious forehead with receding hairline; the left side of a head (possibly some guy’s); and weird fella who looks like a serial killer from the seventies surveying potential targets.