Final Ggameria Introductions!

Posted on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 by Good Gamery
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Several weeks ago, you were introduced to the brand new plane of Ggameria, upon which the new set Events Upon Ggameria (GG1) will take place. You were additionally introduced to the five MONOCOLOR factions of the realm.

Then, you had the pleasure of undergoing further Ggameria introductions, and you saw your first glimpse of the five FRIENDLYCOLOR factions.

Ever since then, you have been checking Good Gamery every day, hoping and praying for the advent of the third GG1 preview article, where the five ENEMYCOLOR factions were waiting in secret.

But now the secret is a secret no longer! HERE THEY ARE!


Mole Kingdom ()

The great and noble moles live in mountain burrows and are perpetually at war, above ground and below, against the corrupted Chipmuko. They guard the overworld from the forces of the underworld, and survey each canyon and shoreline from their majestic cliffcastles. Very proud and prone to knight almost anyone, the moles are great at leveraging their numbers and self-sacrificially dealing damage.

Click here to see the mole preview card.

Partying Faeries ()

Unlike the downers and party-foulers of faeries past, these faeries have been on an epic bender for centuries, and don’t take kindly to faux pas like “needless war, dude” and “judging others, man.” Crash one of their parties with that attitude and you’ll get bounced back to your owner’s hand faster than you can say “Did you know that ‘Dark Side of the Pale Moon’ lines up with ‘The Wizard of Quoz!?'”

Click here to see the partying faerie preview card.

The Squizzidan ()

Like the Chipmuko, the Squizzidan were orginally seen in Alternate Universe Mirrodin as the powerful “SquizzidanX.” With bodies like humans AND YET the heads of squids, they dwell in the highest stormy mountain peeks. As if that wasn’t bad enough, to stay alive, they must dunk their heads in waterfalls every few minutes. The Squizzidan excel at pinging wizardry and thriving in the face of adversity.

Click here to see the Squizzidan preview card.

Vegetarian Zombies ()

As ravenous, unrelenting, and idiotic as their brainivorous cousins, these zombies have elected a more enlightened dietary lifestyle, preferring to mutilate and consume plants alone. They excel at being efficiently costed beaters and at explaining to you, in their delightfully monosyllabic manner, why their dietary choices are more ethical than yours, you Philistine.

Click here to see the vegetarian zombie preview card.

Werewolf Mafia ()

Grayshadow City is a sprawling stone metropolis with casinos, offices, banks, and shops as far as the eye can see. But beneath the whitewashed exterior resides a sinister truth: The citizens of Grayshadow City are plagued by both the curse of the werewolf and by organized crime! If you run a shop, you’ll need to pay for protection. If you run a casino, you’ll have to pay the bosses back home. And if you want to move up in the world, you better keep your fur clean, your teeth sharp, and watch your back. The werewolf mafia is all about a new keyworded activated ability called Moonshift:

Moonshift (0: Add a moon counter to this permanent, or remove all moon counters from this permanent. Use this ability only at any time you could play a sorcery, and only once each turn.)

Click here to see the werewolf mafia card.

Hope you enjoyed this third Events Upon Ggameria preview article. Next will be the CYCLES OF GGAMERIA!