Introducing: Colour Philosophies: Green

Posted on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 by viashino
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In the tradition of Duel Decks, From the Vaults, and the Premium Deck Series, we have found yet another way to extract a few dollars from the collecting and casual crowd with our new deck series: Colour Philosophies!

The colour philsophies decks will be a series of 5 decks showcasing the strengths of each of the 5 colours of Magic! We begin with Green:

Green! The colour of the Forest. Green creatures have largely evolved to soar above the treetops, which is why green has almost no non-flying creatures. Although green has some powerful fliers (Like Unyaro Bees and Jugan, the Rising Star), the main strength of Green are in it’s powerful direct damage arsenal. Green’s deadly damage spells are unrivaled in Magic. From staples like Hornet Sting and Unyaro Bee Sting, to sweepers like Sandstorm and devastating spells like Storm Seeker.

Colour Philosophies: Green will be available on November 27th, 2010.