“Block Rogue” for iPhone/iPad Released!

Posted on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 by Good Gamery
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On this day, January 4, 2011, “Block Rogue” has been released for iPhone and iPad. The Good Gamery community has been eagerly following this project ever since its humble beginnings as a Silverlight prototype. Our beloved/despised leader, Paz, created this game, and has been working with his company, Buzz Monkey Software, to bring it to publication.

And now it has happened!

  • Block Rogue is a puzzle game where each solution brings you one step closer to discovering the truth!
  • Progress is automatically saved! Jump in and out at your leisure.
  • Puzzle rooms are randomly-generated using ingenious and sinister algorithms for endless replay value!
  • Mind-bending room configurations, from standard push-block puzzles to complex amalgamations of roller-balls, switches, death-rays, and more!
  • Shockingly-deep lore with secret stories hidden throughout the game!

Here’s where you’ll find it:

But wait, there’s more!

First, there’s the Block Rogue Facebook Page. You can go there and “LIKE” it to your heart’s content, and easily share it with your “BFFs.” “LOL.”

Furthermore, there’s a cool Block Rogue Twitter, in which Ilbin’s memories share several secret online bonus puzzles. Solving the puzzles will reveal a secret about the game lore not found anywhere else!

“Block Rogue” is the first published “indie” game to be affiliated with Good Gamery. Help us make it an awesome launch by relentlessly and annoyingly spreading the word to everyone you have ever met in your life. Thanks in advance!