A Message from the Future

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 by Jor Kadeen
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Hey, you there. Copper Myr. This is going to sound crazy, but… What year is this? Really? Okay. Thanks.

By Kaldra, I’ve finally done it. All the lives that have been lost, all the good Mirrans enslaved… It won’t be for nothing. I have a chance to save them.

Melira? Is that you? Listen, we don’t have time for questions. My name is Jor Kadeen. I come from a future where all of this… It’s compleat. Almost every man, woman, and child – infected or worse. It’s the Phyrexians, Melira. You’re the only one who can stop them, and that’s why they’re sending back in time a golem called Karnold to kill you. But I got to you first, and together we can –

Hang on. Why are you looking at me like that?

What do you mean you already know? Some… Some French guys already found out all this stuff? And you’re fine with the whole golem situation. Well, I mean, that’s great, obviously. No really, I’m happy for you. It seems like you have things under control! Shall I just… Go, then?

No, you don’t have to feel bad. It’s just, I look kind of like a jerk, you know? We actually invented time travel for this. Do you know how complicated it is? It would literally take until the Phyrexians arrive for me to explain it to you. I had this big hero thing all built up in my head – you know I wrote down some one-liners for when we’re fighting Karnold? Yeah, I had a lot of free time while I was hurtling through a perpendicular dimension in the time capsule. I was going to say, “You Karn’t touch this!” Get it? No? Never mind.


Look, I think it would be less awkward for both of us if I didn’t stick around. You don’t need my help anyway, right? I’m just gonna go find a nice spot near Lumengrid where I can unwind for a while. When the Phyrexians start invading, just give me a call, okay? Sorry to bother you like this. Uh… Yeah. Bye.