Magic Pro Matt Sterling a “Page Tool”

Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2011 by paz
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Popular Magic web site has called Magic pro Matt Sperling a “page tool” for creating a Magic humor web page with practically the same name as a different Magic humor web page that will always and forever be better than his.

As writes, “Matt Sperling, a pro Magic player, and a columnist for other Magic sites, today announced his new blog site”

“The wrinkle to this story is that there is which has been running for several years and continues to produce multiple humorous posts a week. The sites are unrelated and apparently Sperling created his site while unaware of the existence of the other,” continued.

The Magic Lampoon, which appears as the first result on Google when Googling “mtg lampoon,” is the oldest running Magic humor site and boasts a wealth of hilarious content which Matt Sperling’s site can never hope to match, ever, no matter how hard Matt Sperling tries.

For this, has dubbed Matt Sperling a “page tool,” a title reserved only for the most tooly of web page creators.

Here is the screen grab of‘s scathing pronouncement, which can be found here:

UPDATE: Sperling upped the ante on his new MTGLampoon Twitter.

“Bit of a naming mishap I didn’t notice. I would consider a name change if their site was funny. #stayingthecourse #mtglampoon,” Sperling wrote with apparent sarcasm, given that his Notepad doc of a site lacks any humor at all, perhaps intentionally. The only joke contained within his new site may be, so to speak, on us.

Finding the Twitter requires a bit of computer hackery, since clumsy, error-prone Sperling has his blog linking to this.