Pauper DE: UR Post

Posted on Monday, September 19th, 2011 by JoINrbs
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JoINrbs pilots a customized UR Post deck through a Pauper DE. Notable changes include Deep Analysis over Mystical Teachings.

Building the Deck

JoINrbs builds the deck while explaining how it works.

Round 1 vs. Kiln Fiend

Stick around at the end for some analysis of Surging Flame, which turns out to be bad card. Certainly much worse than Needle Drop, which is the best card in the world.

Round 2 vs. Mono Black

There are also some chess tactics vs. the slightly disfavored black pieces.

Round 3 vs. Kiln Fiend

Needle Drop, still the best card in the world.

Round 4 vs. The Mirror

Not a great game pre-board. Post-board, the entire deck changes, and it becomes a battle of stone rains.

Be sure to stop by the forums thread to weigh in with your feedback!