Behold, I Know Four Of The New Dragons Already

Posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 by Greengrocer
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Puny weaklings, come and gape in awe at the latest triumph of your highest superior, Surrak Dragonclaw! I, Surrak, insulter of the Sultai, wearer of bears, present my greatest feat yet: I can already name no fewer than four of the new dragons. The gold ones! Now listen, obey and be attentive.

First, Atarkar.

Atarkar is the Temur one so it was the obvious one to learn first, plus it breathes fire like a normal dragon. The only thing is it lacks blue, which of course is totes vital to the Temur identity, but still, love the antlers.

Next: Kolaghan.

This one was quite easy because it sounds like Callaghan, a Labour prime minister, and Kolaghan is red. There’s black in there too but that must just be to fit the cycle – or is it because of the high toughness? Did that catch on as a black thing? He breathes lightning. ZAP!

Underling, more meat!

Yum. Now this is where it starts to get tricky. I’m gonna go with Ojutai, Soul of Winter.

Behold, I even know some of the nickname bits! Bite that, Sidisi. No, she’s not here. Ojutai is revered by the Jeskai, and she (?) lives on mountains and terrorises the… Jeskai? Is that right? So she must breathe… rocks or something. I do know she has feathers. But she’s still a dragon, it’s one of those things like whales not being a fish. Whatever, next.

Quake with amazement as I bring you…

Darig… no, Dromar… Drom-something…

Now I do know that this one breathes light. I remember one of them did because I thought it sounded silly when I heard it. And it can’t be the other black one, that would breathe, like, darkness, right? Or tar, maybe. Or bats. So this must be the beam-of-light one. Drom-something, Finder Of Lost Keys. Har har har.


And it has one of these jumped-up titles like “the avenger” or something. Dromongar the Harvester, we’ll call it. So that’s four. It breathes light and it has a big pointy chin.

Now begone! Return hither on Friday when I will have the fifth one down for definite. I think it has a mill effect.

I do so still exist