ChannelFireball Announces Changes

Posted on Sunday, December 31st, 2017 Checkbox, Monty, A.J.Nagy, nemryn, LSK, prolepsis9
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Channel Fireball has announced changes to their tournament system and floor rules after last week’s disastrous announcement:

– You may now earn byes only via lottery. You get one entry to the lottery for every $10 you spend on the site.

– In addition to not being allowed to trade with other players at events, you also are no longer allowed to speak to or gesture to other players without a vendor present.

– Any card that is sold out at the Channel Fireball dealer table is banned for the duration of the event (updates each round.)

– To prevent wasted time from players appealing bad rulings, all judge calls will be responded to by the head judge.

– You’re allowed byes at team GPs, but only if you spend it with someone who insists on making you look at his build and going through his reasoning on a card-by-card basis.

– All decks must be purchased on site from licensed vendors.

– Making eye contact with judges now punished as Unsporting Conduct – Disrespect.

– Eye contact with the head judge is Unsporting Conduct – Lèse-majesté.

– No outside food or drink permitted. Why not partake instead of the tasty selections offered by the Channel Fireball food cart, which you can purchase with prize tickets?

– Side events to be capped at 1 round with all 1-0 players receiving a single booster pack.

– All players must be insured against mana screw for the duration of the event.