Double Masters Contains a Wonderful Surprise for Pauper Players

Posted on Friday, May 29th, 2020 By Gavin Verhey
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We here at Wizards know that there is a large, devoted Pauper community eager for more Pauper exclusive content, and your cries have not fallen on deaf ears. In the upcoming set Double Masters, we have decided to let Pauper players join in on the excitement sweeping every other format by printing two brand new, exclusively Pauper companions! That’s right, both of these cards have the proviso that in order to be your companion, your deck must exclusively contain cards that have been printed at common and basic lands. Without further ado, let’s take a look!

Tronn is perfect for 5 color Pauper decks that really need to find their last few basics in order to fully power up their Aven Trailblazers and Drag Downs. We’re excited to see all the different brews people come up for this one!

Gildebrandt might look a little weak at first glance, but with landfall cards like Ior Ruin Expedition and Shoal Serpent, you can turn the huge cost of returing two Islands to your hand into a big advantage.

Happy brewing everyone!