Wizards of the Coast Announces Return to Ikoria

Posted on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020 by ToadBrews
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Magic: the Gathering has posted record numbers this year, and head designer Mark Rosewater says there’s only one reason why: Ikoria. “Players loved the added rules complexity that Ikoria brought the the game with mutate, companions, and cards with multiple names. We’re going to bring back Godzilla tie in cards for characters we didn’t have room for in the first batch, like the JSDF and the Fantastic Four, who it turns out we have the rights to as long as they fight Godzilla. We’re also going to be trying something exciting: Untested, the first Magic mechanic designed to change rules text each time we announce ban list updates in Standard! We mostly had enough cards left in the file for another set, so here it is.”

Return to Ikoria will feature over three hundred magic the gathering cards with abilities like flying, reach, trample, and Okocycling. Some of Magic’s most iconic characters will be returning to do battle against or alongside the Fantastic Four, who we cannot emphasize enough we have the rights to use in card art.

Return to Ikoria will also be the first set to use the new Arena Champion distribution method. For each Ultimate VIP booster pack you buy ($99 recommended retail price) you’ll receive a unique Fantastic Four Arena Sleeve, avatar, and pet. Want to be Ben Grimm with Human Torch Sleeves? Now you can! And nobody can sue us for this, we double checked the contract. Ultimate VIP booster packs will also feature premium Arch Foils, designed to stand vertically in play without support due to their unique Magic Curve design (patent pending) and extended frame commons and uncommons from Zendikar, Ikoria, Eldraine, Theros, and probably Ravnica (while supplies last).

Preorder Return to Ikoria on MTG Arena and through your local game store to receive the limited edition Silver Surfer, Herald of Godzilla box topper.