Hillary Clinton’s Comeback Contest

Posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2008 by paz
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MANCHESTER, N.H. — Reeling after a third place finish in the Iowa caucuses this week, the Hillary Clinton team is seeking to retool and rework their campaign strategy to compensate for a new state and a new demographic. Acknowledging that over 72% of New Hampshirese are fans of the card game Magic: The Gathering, she is running a “new humor article or other content” contest, asking for submissions and rewarding the most original and humorous of them.

“My opponent always talks about ‘hope, hope, hope.’ I say that he is a ‘dope, dope, dope,'” Clinton said to a New Hampshire crowd on Saturday, receiving a chorus of “boos” in response. “I don’t think he understands New Hampshirites like I do, and that’s why I’m running this ‘Mystic cards’ contest,” she continued.

Clinton is running the contest in a joint partnership with new Magic forum MiseTings2. MiseTings2 will display the submissions and reward the three best of them with three booster packs of Lorwyn each. The MiseTings2 administrator, who could not reveal his name or gender for security purposes, notes that this will set him back about $30, bringing his total site investment to $40. He added, however, that if there are more than 10 total submissions from different authors, he’ll up the prizes to 5 packs each.

He also happened to mention that the due date for the contest is February 5th, long after the relevant primaries, and that authors should free to post entries directly in the “Magic Cards Humor and Other Gaming Humor” subsection. He also said that non-Magic humor, as long as it’s gaming-related, is acceptable, and that his partnership with the Clinton campaign does not necessarily imply support.

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