Invincible Counterfeit Troll

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 by Skeletor
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USA, EARTH – Borderland Behemoth got +8/+8 at a press conference early Wednesday morning after two money-printing giants announced that they were entering play together. Long-time rivals in the money printing business, the United States Mint and Wizards of the Coast have announced that they are teaming up to combat counterfeiting. “We have set aside our difference to work toward a better future,” said Wizards’ PR Manager Somebody McNobody, “a future where terrorists cannot enter play with false money, and where players cannot play in proxy tournaments.” He added “We are sharing our anti-counterfeiting techniquies, and you can expect to see the new dollar bills and new cards with our shared technology on them at your local banks and nerdshops within the week.”